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Leiden English Choir  regularly takes on new members.  Interested singers don’t necessarily have to be able to read music, but some experience singing in a choir would be beneficial.  To become a member you will need to do an audition with the conductor who will take into account musicality, potential and the current membership in the various voice groups and make a recommendation the LEC Board who makes the final decision about membership.

Rehearsals are every Wednesday evening from 19:45 – 22:15 in de Vrije School Mareland, Maresingel 19, 2316 HA Leiden.  Choir members are expected to attend  all rehearsals, and to learn their music at home (a website Coria available to help with this).

Membership costs € 125,- per year for full-time students, and € 250,- for others.    Feel free to contact Choir Secretary Gert Brussen email: for more information.

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